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Mounts & Rings
AR-15 Parts
Rifle Parts
Tactical Lights
AK47 Parts 

Paintball Guns

Military Simulation, BT Paintball, Tippmann, RAM4, Mars LT, Zeus G2, Miltec, War Sensor, Splatmatic, Auto- Ordnance, Paintball Pistols, Paintball Accessories, WWII Helmets, Paintballs

Airsoft Guns 

WWII Airsoft Guns, Classic Army, KSC, Maruzen, Western Arms , Airsoft Minis, Spring Guns, Olympic Arms, Chinese AEG's

Pellet Guns 

.177 & 22 Calibers & Accessories

Action figures

Soldiers Story, DID Figures Dragon, GI Joe, Bluebox Toys, Sideshow Toys, Marx Toys, In the Past Toys

Tactical Gear

Ghillie Suits & Camo, CQB Solutions, Mil-Force, Hydrastorm, Hellstorm, Holsters, Goggles, Wiley-X Eyeware, Leapers

Swords & Knives

Fantasy & Military reproduction swords, daggers & knives

Rifle Scopes & Accessories

Rifle Parts & Mounts, Zos Rifle Scopes, Gun Cases, Scope Rings, Spotting Scopes

Surplus & Re-enactor Supplies

Prop Guns, Field Gear, Insignia, Surplus

Rifle Mounts, Scopes & Parts

Packrat-Toyz sells rifle and red dot scopes from UTG, We have AR15 parts like collaspable stocks, fore grips, pistol grips, rail systems and other items for AR15 and M4 style rifles. We have mounts for H&K firearms, Maglula magazine loaders and many other things you can use on your rifle.

AR-15 Parts Scopes Mounts & Rings Other Rifle Parts

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Bags, Cases & Slings Maglula Magazine Loaders Bayonets


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