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Paintball Guns

Military Simulation, BT Paintball, Tippmann, RAM4, Mars LT, Zeus G2, Miltec, War Sensor, Splatmatic, Auto- Ordnance, Paintball Pistols, Paintball Accessories, WWII Helmets, Paintballs

Airsoft Guns 

WWII Airsoft Guns, Classic Army, KSC, Maruzen, Western Arms , Airsoft Minis, Spring Guns, Olympic Arms, Chinese AEG's

Pellet Guns 

.177 & 22 Calibers & Accessories

Action figures

Soldiers Story, DID Figures Dragon, GI Joe, Bluebox Toys, Sideshow Toys, Marx Toys, In the Past Toys

Tactical Gear

Ghillie Suits & Camo, CQB Solutions, Mil-Force, Hydrastorm, Hellstorm, Holsters, Goggles, Wiley-X Eyeware, Leapers

Swords & Knives

Fantasy & Military reproduction swords, daggers & knives

Rifle Scopes & Accessories

Rifle Parts & Mounts, Zos Rifle Scopes, Gun Cases, Scope Rings, Spotting Scopes

Surplus & Re-enactor Supplies

Prop Guns, Field Gear, Insignia, Surplus



The items in this section are last of their kind items that will no longer be available when present stock is depleted. Some are listed at reduced prices while others are hard to find collector items that are priced as such.


Email to order any items on this page

Description Price
Eddy Lam DRF 72023

asueddy-00.jpg (21439 bytes) asueddy-05.jpg (26471 bytes) asueddy-12.jpg (12591 bytes) asueddy-13.jpg (11537 bytes) asueddy-14.jpg (16423 bytes) asueddy-34.jpg (14515 bytes)

Airport Security Unit


1 Left email to order

Laars DRF 72019

gsg9laars-01.jpg (29379 bytes)

German GSG9 Anti-Terrorist Sniper 

Was $39.95

Now $29.95

1 Left email to order

Cheong DRF 73011

73011Cheong A.jpg (63966 bytes)

Hong Kong Police SDU 

Was $39.95

Now $29.95

1 Left email to order

Gordon 2000AD Movie DRF 73016

Gordon.jpg (31290 bytes) Gordon box1.jpg (53148 bytes)

Hong Kong Police

Was $39.95

Now $24.95

1 Left email to order

Eric The Brave Viking Marx5430

  This Medieval action figure is 11 1/2 inches tall, constructed of solid polyplastic in white. Fully articulated, he moves in 11 places. Erik comes complete with easy fit vinyl outer clothing and authentic weaponry numbering over 20 pieces in all. An interesting booklet on the history of the Vikings is included.


1 Left email to order

RCU Cheong DRF 72025

Hong Kong Police

Was $39.95

Now $34.95

1 Left email to order

Ulrich DRF 72007

GSG9_sm.jpg (8735 bytes) Master_GSG9.jpg (67300 bytes)

German GSG9 Anti-Terrorist

Was $39.95

Now $29.95

2 Left email to order

Michael Chan DRF 72014

Master_G4.jpg (62239 bytes)

Diplomatic Agent G4


1 Left email to order

Lam DRF 73010

Master_Lam.jpg (78441 bytes)

HK Police Sniper

Was $39.95

Now $24.95

STRUMPISTOLE German Assault Pistol Set YS20019

ys20019n1Assault_Pistol.jpg (47791 bytes) ys20019-cAssault_Pistol.jpg (25241 bytes)


2 Sets left email to order

Intoyz Weapons Rack

sbrackbk.jpg (22581 bytes) SilverGrid.jpg (40959 bytes)


3 Sets Left email to order

German GSG9 Anti-terrorist force officer

GSG9_03.jpg (71832 bytes) full-GSG9.jpg (23270 bytes) GSG9_02.jpg (28757 bytes)

Was $44.95

Now $34.95

4 left email to order

Hot Toys NBC Desert Soldier Special Edition

HT001045 NBC DESERT.jpg (12953 bytes)


1 Left email to order

Ultimate Soldier Fallschirmjager Boxed Figure

wwii_fall_officer.jpg (25602 bytes)


1 Left email to order

Ultimate Soldier 2nd Rangers Boxed Figure

2nd_ranger_image.jpg (24156 bytes)


1 Left email to order



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