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Paintball Guns

Military Simulation, BT Paintball, Tippmann, RAM4, Mars LT, Zeus G2, Miltec, War Sensor, Splatmatic, Auto- Ordnance, Paintball Pistols, Paintball Accessories, WWII Helmets, Paintballs

Airsoft Guns 

WWII Airsoft Guns, Classic Army, KSC, Maruzen, Western Arms , Airsoft Minis, Spring Guns, Olympic Arms, Chinese AEG's

Pellet Guns 

.177 & 22 Calibers & Accessories

Action figures

Soldiers Story, DID Figures Dragon, GI Joe, Bluebox Toys, Sideshow Toys, Marx Toys, In the Past Toys

Tactical Gear

Ghillie Suits & Camo, CQB Solutions, Mil-Force, Hydrastorm, Hellstorm, Holsters, Goggles, Wiley-X Eyeware, Leapers

Swords & Knives

Fantasy & Military reproduction swords, daggers & knives

Rifle Scopes & Accessories

Rifle Parts & Mounts, Zos Rifle Scopes, Gun Cases, Scope Rings, Spotting Scopes

Surplus & Re-enactor Supplies

Prop Guns, Field Gear, Insignia, Surplus


AR-15 Parts & Accessories

AR15 Rail Mount System #416 Quad Rail Systems Mount (MNT-HG416S-B)
  1. Precision machined with maximum strength.
  2. Four mil-spec Picatinny rails for versatile accessory applications.
  3. Simple and friendly installation, no gunsmith or tool required.
  4. Solid locking features for most secure fit.
  5. Ultimate tactical solution to enhance accuracy under toughest environments.
  6. Fits CAR length model 4,15,16 and variants.
  7. Hard anodized finish for wear resistance.
  8. UTG rubber rail guard included for great comfort and protection
416L Quad Rail System Mount For Full Size Rifles
  1. Precision machined with maximum strength

  2. Four mil-spec Picatinny rails for versatile accessory applications

  3. Simple and friendly installation, no gunsmith or tool required

  4. Integral assembly alignment front tabs and spinal cords to guarantee perfect rock solid fit

  5. Ultimate tactical solution to enhance accuracy under toughest environments

  6. 12" long top & bottom covers

  7. 27 slots on each side of Picatinny/Weaver quad rail

  8. Fits rifle length Model 4, 15/16 and variants

  9. Hard anodized finish for wear resistance

  10. 20 pieces of UTG rubber rail guards included for great comfort and protection


UTG Tactical Flip-up Rear Sight


UTG Tactical Flip-up Front Sight

tl-a041-m Cleaning Kit.jpg (42939 bytes) Model 15/16 Cleaning Kit

(TL-A041 )

  1. 5 Piece Rods (includes loop)
  2. Adaptor
  3. Dual-ended Nylon Brush
  4. Bore and Chamber Brushes
  5. Oil Bottle
  6. Cleaning Cloth
  7. Nylon Pouch with 2 Pockets
  8. Metal Belt Hanger/Alice Clip
  9. Belt Loop

Ambidextrous Foldable Foregrip
RB-FGRP170B Black

  • Foldable Tactical Foregrip with 5 Adjustable Positions to Allow for Versatile Shooting Positions and Enhance Target Lock Performance Under Toughest Environments

  • Press the Position Button to Fold Forward/Backward and Release the Button to Lock in Desired Position

  • Designed to Mount on Any Picatinny/Weaver Rail with Ergonomic and Non-slip Features for Superior Control of Weapon

  • Ambidextrous Design, Complete with Battery/Tool Compartment and Pressure Switch Housing

UTG Removable Front Sight Tower Complete with A2 Square Post Assembly
M4/M16 Complete Match-grade Rear Sight with Windage/Elevation Adjustment and Integral Picatinny Mounting Deck (MNT-950RS02) $49.95
scp-a1245-m Sight Tool.jpg (34652 bytes) AR-15 Front Sight Adjusting Tool SCP-A1245M $8.95
rb-pgrp268g-m.jpg (34856 bytes)   AR15 Pistol Grip RB-PGRP268

Robust Design with combat grade synthetic material. Ergonomic finger grooves provide solid and repeatable grip. Additional hand support provides stable and easy trigger control. Very well designed to offer great comfort and better control. Increase shooting performance and accuracy.



OD Green




rb-m4hgs-m.jpg (37431 bytes)   AR15 M4 Handguards RB-M4HG

Great quality replacement handguard for M4 carbine. Oval shaped with double heat-shielded aluminum lining. Light weight and extremely tough and durable for use under all weather and environment conditions








 rb-fgrp168-m.jpg (37937 bytes)   AR15 Forward Grip RB-FGRP168

Deluxe Ergonomic Foregrip with Non-slip Features, Complete with Battery Compartment, Pressure Switch Housing and Picatinny Mounting Deck







rb-a687-m M4 Stock.jpg (58314 bytes) AR 6 Positon Collapible M4 Stock RB-A687B

New Generation Features

  1. Precision Machined Parts for Maximum Strength.
  2. Superior Quality Molded and Injected Synthetic Stock .
  3. Excellent Quality Aluminum Buffer & Spring .
  4. Available in Black(B) and OD Green(G).
Black Color


OD Green Color


Tan Color


mnt-950-m Carry Handle.jpg (53066 bytes) AR-15 Carry Handle MNT-168S

Complete carry handle for AR type rifles. Fits on flat top guns and acts both as a carry handle and a rear sight system. Fully adjustable rear sight with windage and elevation clicks. Can be used with a variety of scopes, lasers and lights.

  1. Exact Precision/Tolerances to Fit ALL M-16/AR-15 Variants
  2. Superior Quality Locking Plate
  3. Excellent Quality Thumb Nuts with Retention Design
  4. Long Range Rear Sight Adjustment
  5. Unmatchable Quality and Pricing


Model 15 Delta Ring Assembly
Includes Delta Ring, Barrel Nut, Weld Spring and Barrel Snap Ring
mnt-16ad1-m Blank Adaptor.jpg (29566 bytes) AR-15/M16 Blank Firing Adaptor
Install at the tip of barrel. Allows you to fire blanks semi auto.
tl-ex223-m Shell Extract.jpg (28572 bytes) .223 Shell Extractor
Remove broken cartridges from the chamber of your M16 and AR-15 rifles. Fits the buttstock cleaning kit.
   Low-Profile Dragon Claw Clamp-on Barrel Bi-pod (TL-BP08ST)
High Tech Durable Aluminum Construction
Clever Adjustment Wheel for Wide Range of Barrel Sizes - 11mm to 19mm
User Friendly Clamp-On Features
Unique Posi-Lock Feature to Prevent Tipping
Foldable with Fully Adjustable Center Height From 9" to 11
 tl-bp69s-m.jpg (55219 bytes)  AR15 Bi-Pod Low Profile TL-BP69S

High Tech Durable Aluminum Construction
Clever Picatinny and Swivel Stud Mounting Systems
Unique Posi-Lock Feature to Prevent Tipping
Panning with Fully Adjustable Center Height From 9 to 11

rb-af01-m.jpg (38951 bytes)   AR15 Mil Spec Green Mag Follower
Designed to reduce mag failure and jams. Provides the reliability that you require. Simply replaces existing follower.
rb-a487-m Cheekpiece.jpg (46684 bytes) AR Cheek Piece for 4 Position Stock
Adds height to your cheekrest with this soft rubber rest. Snaps on collapsible carbine extension tube.
knf-901-m.jpg (33894 bytes)

AR-15 M9 Bayonet KNF901

Made with highest military quality. Heat-treated, 1/4" thick 440C stainless steel blade. Complete with polymer handle, sharpening stone, universal saw, wire cutter, screw driver, sheath with quick detach belt keeper and a removable magazine pouch. Very versatile field knives and proven to be most useful to all outdoor activities.

Deluxe Flashlight with Integral Mount (LT-TL101)
lt-tl099pr1-m.jpg (40101 bytes) Multi-functional Flashlight Package (LT-TL099PR1)
Tac-Light-g04-012.jpg (34750 bytes) GP-6II COMBAT Light G-04-012 

10,000 Candle power; Waterproof; Aircraft grade aluminum (shock resistant); 1hour run time
Size: L135mm, Weight: 128g
Remarks: Packing without pouch & swivel belt loop;
Battery 123A x 2 (not included)

tw-gl-8&9.jpg (172854 bytes) GUN LASER SIGHT TW-GL-8
(For All Models Of Gun, Pistol Guns & Rifle Guns)
tw-gl-8&9.jpg (172854 bytes) GUN LASER SIGHT TW-GL-9
(For All Models Of Gun, Pistol Guns & Rifle Guns)


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