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Paintball Guns

Military Simulation, BT Paintball, Tippmann, RAM4, Mars LT, Zeus G2, Miltec, War Sensor, Splatmatic, Auto- Ordnance, Paintball Pistols, Paintball Accessories, WWII Helmets, Paintballs

Airsoft Guns 

WWII Airsoft Guns, Classic Army, KSC, Maruzen, Western Arms , Airsoft Minis, Spring Guns, Olympic Arms, Chinese AEG's

Pellet Guns 

.177 & 22 Calibers & Accessories

Action figures

Soldiers Story, DID Figures Dragon, GI Joe, Bluebox Toys, Sideshow Toys, Marx Toys, In the Past Toys

Tactical Gear

Ghillie Suits & Camo, CQB Solutions, Mil-Force, Hydrastorm, Hellstorm, Holsters, Goggles, Wiley-X Eyeware, Leapers

Swords & Knives

Fantasy & Military reproduction swords, daggers & knives

Rifle Scopes & Accessories

Rifle Parts & Mounts, Zos Rifle Scopes, Gun Cases, Scope Rings, Spotting Scopes

Surplus & Re-enactor Supplies

Prop Guns, Field Gear, Insignia, Surplus



Description Price
Antifog 32 degree 4 oz.jpg (17753 bytes) 32 Degrees Anti-Fog 4 oz $7.95
JT Cyclonic Goggle Fan $44.95
 V-Force Armor Standard Black Goggle System $24.95
Extreme Rage X-Ray II Goggle System $21.95
jtxfirethermal.jpg (7511 bytes) JT X-Fire Tactical Thermal Goggle $32.95
JT Flex 7 Therm smoke.jpg (25126 bytes) JT Flex 7 Ize Charcoal Gray


Proteus.jpg (8089 bytes) JT Proteus with Fan






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