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Here you will find many models of Airsoft pistols and airsoft rifles, all makes and models. These are airsoft guns that shooot between 200 to 275fps. They are great for kids as they do not cause any real harm. You should always wear protective masks or glasses to protect the eyes because even these spring guns are dangerous to the eyes. For safety, Always wear eye protection while operating AirSoft guns. Users must treat them with care. They are to be purchased and used by adults 18 years of age or older.  All airsoft guns have the orange tip barrel marking, as required by US law.  NEVER point or shoot at other people or animals. Check with your local ordinance on ownership and usage. It is the buyers responsibility to know laws before purchase. Use of any look-alike, replica or toy gun in a crime carries the full ramifications as a real firearm.  In no event shall we, the seller, be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with this product.

Description Price
M14/M1A1 Style Sniper Rifle

M100 Single Shot Sniper Rifle, heavy weight with extended rail unit. 300fps w/.20g bb & 400fps w/.12g bb, maximum effective range: 150ft Adjustable hop-up unit, adjustable rear sight, and functional safety lever. Magazine capacity: 37bbs, .20g Rail unit is removable, spare magazines and other accessories


MP40 240905.jpg (57440 bytes) MP40 Schmisser Full Size

Great for the avid war buff, training, or just to be different. dependable. shoots approx 180 fps. Clip holds approx. 23 BB's

soft-m324sg-m.jpg (56229 bytes) Master Sniper Rifle About 325fps Soft M324SG

Extremely High Metal Contents, Including Barrel, Bolt/Cocking, Trigger and Lots More
Long Range High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance
Spare Magazine
Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader
UTG Tactical Bipod with Picatinny Mount and Posi-Lock
UTG sniper rifle sling

Shotgun m47A1.jpg (11800 bytes) High Velocity Shotgun with Magazine About 325fps


BC MP5A4.jpg (20097 bytes)  MP5A4 with Laser

MP5A4 full size version airsoft gun with Laser sight. Shoots very hard, and straight. Not same quality as the jieke models, but the velocity makes it worth the money. Shoots approx. 230 FPS

BC MP5a5.jpg (5631 bytes)  MP5A5 with Laser

MP5A5 full size version airsoft gun with Laser sight. Shoots very hard, and straight. Not same quality as the jieke models, but the velocity makes it worth the money. Shoots approx. 230 FPS.

BC softXM8.jpg (17484 bytes) XM8 Assault Rifle $29.95
BC mr733.jpg (7035 bytes)  MR733 M4 Carbine Too cool lots of metal on this gun. $39.95

Sold Out

BC mr733.jpg (7035 bytes)  MR-711 M16   $24.95
BC MR 777 SIG.jpg (12377 bytes)  MR777 SIG Shoots about 225fps with hopup $29.95
ch0581a Shotgun w Laser.jpg (19466 bytes) CH0581A Shotgun with Laser

Very cool looking shotgun with Laser. Shoots approx. 220 feet per second.

M42GL.jpg (7477 bytes) GL42 with Laser & Scope

Made very well, excellent detail. Hopefully this quality is glimpse of the future of airsoft from China. Shoots approx. 230 FPS. Comes with laser, red eye scope.

m41gl G36C Spring Rifle.jpg (18428 bytes) M41GL

Awesome looking rifle. Similar to automatic weapon used in highway chase in Matrix reloaded by the spirit agents. This model includes the Laser, BBs, paintballs, strap, and also THE RED CROSS Light SCOPE shown in picture. Attractive box display. Clip has simulated cartridges inside giving a more real look. Shoots approx. 200 feet per second.

m16a2 Spring Rifle.jpg (14021 bytes) M16A1

Higher Quality M16A1 version. Metal barrel, full size

M16a2.jpg (15225 bytes) M16A2

Higher Quality M16A2 version. Metal barrel, full size.

M16a3 Spring Rifle.jpg (15762 bytes) M16A3

Higher Quality M16A3 version. Metal barrel, full size. Laser, and light.

m16a4 $39.95.jpg (18272 bytes) M16A4

Higher Quality M16A3 version. Metal barrel, full size. Laser, and light.

M16 Clip.jpg (3896 bytes) M16 Clip

Fits the M16A1, M16A2, M16A3 or M16A4

mp5a7g Spring Rifle.jpg (18099 bytes) MP5A7G with Laser

Very nice packaging on this MP5A7G version. Comes with laser sight, and safety glasses. Parents will love the safety glasses.

mp5a7h Spring Rifle.jpg (19294 bytes) MP5A7H with Laser & Blue Light

Very nice packaging on this MP5 version. Comes with laser sight, Blue light flashlight, and safety glasses. Parents will love the safety glasses. Shoots approx. 220 FPS

 MP5 Clip

Fits the MP5A7A, MP5A7H, MP5A7G

J34170.jpg (2646 bytes) L-85-A1

Pal J34170



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